The Worker'sRights/Wage and Hour Project Attorney assists workers in obtaining relief from unlawful wage theft. Wage theft is the failure of employers to pay employees wages. Common violations include: nonpayment of wages; nonpayment of minimum wage; nonpayment of overtime; requiring off-the-clock work; nonpayment of earned vacation time; and employee misclassification. The Wage and Hour Attorney also assists in unemployment cases and referral to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) for cases of workplace discrimination.

Because issues such as wage theft are especially pervasive in industries that rely on immigrant workers, the Wage and Hour Project holds frequent "Know Your Rights" clinics. It is critical that immigrant workers know that the law is enforced without regard to immigration status.

Available services range from:

  • Filing administrative complaints for workers with the Fair Labor Division of the Attorney General's Office
  • Filing administrative complaints for workers with the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor
  • Negotiating settlement with employers for prompt payment of wages
  • Direct representation against employers through litigation
  • Referring workers to private attorneys for cases involving a large number of similarly situated workers
  • Teaching educational "Know Your Rights" clinics

The Wage and Hour Attorney seeks to fight for worker's rights while helping workers become dignified and empowered members of their community.

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  • Mass Legal Help is a collaborative effort of the civil legal aid community of Massachusetts. This website helps you find practical information about your legal rights. For example, information about issues regarding minimum wage and overtime. For specific wage and hour information click here