December 1, 2015

Join the movement! Today, Tuesday, December 1st, we are participating in #GivingTuesday, a national day of giving. Your gift helps veterans get the benefits they deserve. Please consider giving back to those who so selflessly gave to us. You will be protecting their rights and improving their lives. Give back to a vet day #GivingTuesday! We hope to raise $5,000 on this one day of giving. Thanks for giving back! 

#GivingTuesday Donors

Andresen & Borovick LLP

Jill Hanchett & Michael Leon, Esq

Antonio Viana, Esq

Cathy Hall, Esq

Clare Ollington

Diana Wainrib, Esq

Robert McCarthy, Esq

Loretta O'Brien, Esq

Philippa & Peter Condakes

Jack LaPre, Esq

Sasha Hayes-Rusnov, Esq

Chris Horblit, Esq

Lonnie Powell

Terry Halliday

Marc Temin, Esq

Mike Heineman, Esq

Jack Agnew

Marion Garver

Andrew Matz, Esq