Although Janet can’t see, she has memorized the intricacies of their house, having lived in it for 20 years, and is able to move around quite easily. Losing their home would mean much more than losing a house- it would mean Janet would lose her independence as well.

The Connors’ had taken out a reverse mortgage while Philip was still working. Part of the mortgage agreement meant assuming the cost of the homeowner’s insurance. When the Connors’ insurance lapsed due to nonpayment, the bank promptly purchased new insurance, but at a much higher cost. With no money left on their mortgage to put towards the new insurance, and with Philip now retired, the bank began its foreclosure proceedings.

At this point, MWLS got involved. A MWLS attorney contacted the bank to see if a repayment plan could be arranged. The bank refused because the house was already in foreclosure. The only way to stop the foreclosure now would be for the Connors to pay back the entire amount in one lump sum. Philip and Janet liquidated what little they had in savings, putting $4,000 towards the $6,600 debt. They were still short and the bank was moving ahead with the foreclosure. The Connors were just $2,600 away from losing their house when a generous MWLS donor stepped in and provided the outstanding funds needed so the Connors could stay in their home. 

Philip Connors shared his story at MWLS' 40th anniversary celebration held in October.