Chris, a New Englander, persuaded Ruby to move with him to the U.S. and they settled in Massachusetts. Chris refused to let Ruby work, and several months after moving to the U.S., he demanded a divorce. Chris insisted that Ruby agree to a divorce or else he would have her deported. Ruby had no income- she had spent all of her savings on a visa and the long-distance move. Just as suddenly as he had announced the divorce, Chris moved out leaving Ruby alone and isolated. Ruby knew some of Chris’ family members yet he forbade her to communicate with them. When she did, Chris retaliated by turning off Ruby's phone service and internet, and taking their marriage certificate, her birth certificate and other important documents. He would only give them back if she signed the divorce agreement. 

Ruby was so distraught she attempted to end her life. After being discharged from the hospital, she was referred to a domestic abuse counselor who in turn referred her to MetroWest Legal Services. The case was assigned to an MWLS attorney who filed a divorce on her behalf. Chris did not think he should have to support Ruby and refused to work out an agreement. The case went before the judge who ordered Chris to pay Ruby rehabilitative alimony. In time, Ruby found a part-time job and moved into her own apartment.  She is slowly recovering from the emotional trauma she endured, taking one day at a time.