A few hours after Jenna gave birth to her third child in March 2018, a healthy and happy baby girl, a hospital social worker informed Jenna that neither she nor the baby had health insurance coverage. Jenna and her husband would be responsible for the medical bills totaling almost $5,000 for the birth itself and for mom and baby’s hospitalization and post-birth care. Jenna was extremely upset and couldn’t understand how this was happening. Jenna had done everything she was told to do by MassHealth to keep her insurance coverage and get coverage set up for her baby.

Jenna sought the help of a community health worker at the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center, who referred her to the MWLS Medical-Legal Partnership Attorney Kathryn Condon Grace. Attorney Grace submitted an appeal to MassHealth and the case went to hearing. The hearing officer agreed with Attorney Grace and ordered MassHealth provide Jenna with MassHealth coverage retroactive to the date of her termination and until 60-days postpartum. Jenna’s medical bills were resubmitted to MassHealth and all services were covered.