After leaving the Air Force, Lanette worked as a government subcontractor at the local Air Force Base until she was laid off in 2010.  Searching for but not finding work for two years, she collected unemployment benefits until they ended. Lanette had served on active duty for 17 years as  a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and was able to access a veteran’s stipend due to financial hardship.  

In 2011, Lanette’s mother died unexpectedly and she and her brother, as the beneficiaries of her estate, were to receive the proceeds from the sale of her house.  Lanette intended to use those funds to repay the credit card debts she was amassing.  Unfortunately, her mother’s house had a large mortgage on it which neither she nor her brother was aware of.  The house was “under water” and went to foreclosure with no funds remaining. Lanette attempted to consolidate her debts and make payments through a credit counselling service, but her income was not sufficient to make the payments.

Lanette found a part-time position at a local university but continued to look for full-time work.  Her church helped her to pay her rent for several months.  At this point, she continued to be on the brink of financial disaster and was at risk to lose her apartment if she had to pay these debts.      

Lanette was referred to MWLS by the outreach worker at the Bedford Veteran’s Administration.  MWLS met with Lanette, discussed her options, and filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy petition for her in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court as well as representing Lanette at her hearing.  Lanette received a discharge of $40,000 worth of credit card debt. She is now attending school part-time on a scholarship to broaden her job possibilities as her military job was very specialized and unique to the military.  Lanette now can make a financial fresh start and rebuild her working life so that she and her beloved companion, Jake the mutt, can get back to living a less stressful life.