Silvio lives in Waltham with his wife and two little kids. Silvio was working in Waltham as a cook in a local restaurant. After working there for over a year with no issues, Silvio was unjustly fired. Silvio’s boss refused to give him his final paycheck for the last three weeks he worked at the restaurant. Because of this, Silvio did not have the money to give his family the Christmas they deserved. 

Feeling cheated, Silvio reached out to MetroWest Legal Services for help. Attorney Pablo Carrasco filed a lawsuit against Silvio’s employer in Framingham District Court. The employer, wanting to avoid court, quickly agreed to pay Silvio the wages he was owed. Today Silvio is gainfully employed and is being treated fairly by his new employer. Silvio is excited to see his kids' faces as they open their presents in just a few short days.