George had been struggling for years to control his behavior, but a combination of a mood disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder made that very challenging. George got angry that day, over a perceived slight from a fellow student, and could not calm down. It ended with a George in a restraint, the school’s call to the police, and the police forcibly transporting him by ambulance to the emergency room. In the emergency room, his mother saw many bruises on his legs and arms. After this disturbing incident, MWLS represented George’s mother, and the school agreed to a 45-day evaluative placement in a special needs school. Things did not go well there. George did not want to spend time in class and had numerous restraints for behavior issues. He threatened to hurt his teacher and had more safety protocols added.  George lost control many times and significant restraints followed. At the end of the 45 day period, all parties knew the placement was not working. The local school wanted to bring George back into the public system, but with negotiation, agreed to try another private placement. At George’s new school, they seem to be able to connect with George, and he is doing very well. He has had only minor behavioral issues, and is making strong academic and social/emotional progress.