Matteo’s application for a Green Card was approved!

In 1996, when Matteo was five years old, he came to the United States with his mother Daniella.

We originally helped Daniella to petition for U visa status, and included Matteo as her derivative in her petition. Before she came to MWLS, Daniella had received bad advice from a notario who convinced her to file a case with the immigration service. As a result of this bad filing, Daniella and Matteo were placed in removal proceedings before the Boston Immigration Court. In a panic, Daniella contacted MWLS for help when she and Matteo were summoned to the Immigration Court. MWLS Attorney Jennifer Ollington determined that, because she had been a victim of domestic violence, and been helpful to the local police, Daniella was eligible to petition for U Visa status. A U Visa is available to victims of qualifying crimes who suffer substantial harm and who are helpful to law enforcement with the investigation and/or prosecution of the crime. Daniella endured many years of abusive and controlling behavior by Matteo’s father before she had the courage to report his crimes to the police. Attorney Ollington successfully requested that the District Attorney’s office certify that Daniella was helpful when Daniella had reported the abuse she was suffering at the hands of her partner to the local police. Daniella had made the report in 1999, almost ten years earlier. After the Immigration Service approved Daniella’s petition for a U visa, the Immigration Court allowed our motion to terminate the removal proceedings against her and Matteo.

Daniella and Matteo are now both Legal Permanent Residents, which is also known as having a Green card. Daniella now runs a successful daycare out of her home. They are relieved and excited to have their Green cards and look forward to becoming U.S. citizens someday.