Mario had been working for a construction company doing demolition at a school.  He worked for two weeks but was not paid a dime.

His boss (the “patrón”) would send Mario to fake addresses to pick up his check and when Mario arrived he would find nothing but empty lots.  On one occasion the patrón told Mario to give him his personal address so that he could send him a check.  Instead of sending a check, the patrón used this information to threaten Mario, stating that he knew where Mario lived and that he better give up asking for his pay, or else.  

Mario had lost all hope until he went to the Free Wage Theft Legal Clinic held by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office. At the legal clinic, Mario learned about the new Worker’s Rights/Wage and Hour Project at MetroWest Legal Services.  Project attorney Pablo Carrasco negotiated with the patrón and was able to recover all the pay that was owed to Mario. He intends on starting a life in Massachusetts with his wife and is grateful to Attorney Carrasco for constantly reminding him that justice always finds a way.