And John had a decent paying job. That was until last year when a doctor diagnosed him– just 37 at the time – with a rare, chronic, and catastrophic disease that will result in an untimely death. Shortly after the diagnosis, John suffered increasing pain which forced him to quit his job. With no income, the family's bills began to pile up. The mortgage went unpaid. It wasn't long before their SUV was repossessed and their home was foreclosed upon.

Despite being broke, Lizzy and John were determined to keep the family together. They wound up in a shelter, owing more than $300,000. A constant barrage of harassing phone calls from creditors only added to their misery. It wasn't long before collection lawsuits began. If there was ever a family in crisis, this was it. It was around this time that they heard about the Homeless Advocacy Project (HAP) at MetroWest Legal Services.

After reviewing their financial history, the HAP attorney determined that the couple could file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The bankruptcy would allow them the fresh start that they desperately needed. A few months after filing the petition, Lizzy and John received a notice stating that their mortgage had been discharged.

Today, Lizzy and John remain free from debt. They are now able to put their money and their focus back where it belongs- on finding a stable home for their family and tending to John’s declining health.