After suffering profound persecution and trauma in El Salvador, Carla fled to the United States with her young son Bobby. 

Carla and Bobby were detained by U.S. immigration officials at the border and they were both placed in deportation proceedings at the Boston immigration court.  Feeling hopeless about her and Bobby’s future, and reasonably fearing that they would be tortured and killed if they were deported to El Salvador, Carla discussed her immigration concerns with her behavioral health provider at the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center. Carla’s behavioral health provider then referred Carla to MetroWest Legal Services’ Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) attorney, who is on-site at the health center twice a week. The MLP attorney met with Carla and determined that she (and her son Bobby as a derivative) had a strong claim for asylum in the United States. Over the course of a year and a half, the MLP attorney represented both Carla and Bobby in their immigration hearings at Boston immigration court. In October 2016, both Carla and Bobby were granted asylum in the United States by a final order of the immigration judge. As a result of being granted asylum, Carla and Bobby no longer have to live in fear of being returned to a country where they suffered horrific trauma and persecution.