Their two children, Jenna, aged 8 and David Jr., age 5, routinely witnessed their father physically abusing and bullying their mother. David would often hit Brenda in front of the kids, yell at her and call her demeaning names. His violent behavior wasn’t all Brenda was fearful of. David thought nothing of driving while intoxicated, with the kids in the car. To make matters worse, he had recently become addicted to prescription pain medication. The abuse toward Brenda worsened until she feared not only for her life, but for her kids’ lives as well. She took out a restraining order against David, but knew she needed more protection. It was then that she contacted MetroWest Legal Services. A MWLS domestic violence attorney worked quickly to helped her file for a divorce and obtain a temporary order giving Brenda sole custody of the children and child support.  

Not long after the filing, David physically assaulted Brenda during a visitation exchange. While Brenda was leaning in the car to retrieve her children’s belongings, David opened the driver’s side door and slammed it, catching Brenda’s head and neck in the door. When he finally released her, Brenda went straight to the police and filed a report. The MWLS domestic violence attorney  obtained an order which drastically limited David’s visitation with the kids, and required that all of his visitations be supervised. The order also specified that David participate in regular drug testing.  

Four months later, the MWLS domestic violence attorney negotiated a complete settlement. The settlement gave Brenda sole physical and legal custody of the children, and required that David continue with supervised visits and drug testing. The MWLS domestic violence attorney had subpoenaed David’s work records and the agreement included child support for Brenda. Brenda was able to keep her public housing in a town unknown to her now ex-husband, in order to provide a safe home for herself and her children.