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Jenna’s Story

Jenna was referred to MetroWest Legal Services through our Medical Legal Partnership with the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center. She had just given birth to her third child, and was facing a large and unexpected medical bill.

Gina’s Story

When Gina contacted MetroWest Legal Services, she was exhausted and low on hope. After fleeing an abusive partner, Gina and her two young children were facing eviction.

Victor’s Story

After escaping gang violence and poverty, 13-year-old Victor fled his home in El Salvador. He now has permanent resident status, and is looking forward to a future filled with possibilities.

George’s Story

Now legally blind at age 83, George lived alone in an apartment in a local elderly housing complex. A monthly pension from the Veterans Administration was his sole source of George’s Story

Susan’s Story

Susan grew up in Freetown, Sierra Leone where she met her husband. Michael was from Sierra Leone as well, but was attending school in the United States and had a Susan’s Story

Brian’s Story

Laurie, a single mother, lived in Sudbury with her 13-year-old son, Brian.  In 2011, Laurie applied for SSI child disability benefits for Brian who is severely autistic. She decided to Brian’s Story

Mara’s Story

Mara arrived at our office with her parents and five siblings, including an infant. They had not eaten in two days. The family of eight was living in their car Mara’s Story

Carmen’s Story

At a legislative briefing on Beacon hill, Carmen shared her story and thanked MetroWest Legal Services attorney Katie Condon Grace for helping her and her son become legal permanent residents Carmen’s Story