April 20, 2017

RICHARD C. BILLER, Esq. has been a pro bono attorney for MWLS since 1994. He has provided full representation to clients, mentored new pro bono attorneys, and volunteered at Lawyer for a Day. Attorney Biller has been on the MWLS board since 2012 and is a frequent speaker at our annual Divorce Basics Training.

We sat down with Attorney Biller to learn more about why he volunteers with with MWLS.

1.     What inspired me to become a Pro Bono attorney with MWLS?

When I first applied to law school, my goal was to help everyday people with their everyday problems.  That remained an interest of mine as I set out in my own practice; however, people at the less affluent end of that spectrum could never afford an attorney.  I wanted to be of assistance; and I wanted to do work that was socially useful.  I also believe that an attorney has an ethical obligation to do some work on a Pro Bono basis.  MWLS fit the bill.  

2.    Are there any cases or moments that stand out and demonstrate why you continue to volunteer with MWLS?

There are several Pro Bono cases that I was involved in with MWLS that stand out in my memory.  One case was a divorce and custody battle that involved allegations of mental illness and sexual abuse.  I agreed to represent the wife who was without funds at the time.  The husband was represented by a famous and well respected divorce lawyer.  The case was interesting and complex, and required working with a top psychiatrist who specialized in child sexual abuse; working with an Assistant District Attorney who specialized in sexual abuse; numerous hearings and an ultimate award of substantial counsel fees.  I cannot imagine any case being more interesting nor providing greater education and experience.

3.    Why would you encourage others to join MWLS’s Pro Bono Panel?

I believe that MWLS is a well-run organization that is a pleasure to work with.  Lawyers have an ethical obligation to be of assistance to those in need and  I believe that this work can also provide great education and experience.  Finally, when the rights and safety of so many people are being threatened, it is more important than ever to lend a hand and to work for the values and type of society that we would like to be.

Attorney Biller has been a member of South Natick Law since 1995. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law and Sarah Lawrence College. Mr. Biller is a member of the Massachusetts Bar and is admitted to practice in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts, the First Circuit Court of Appeals and The Supreme Court. Mr. Biller has been an attorney for 30 years and his practice focuses on domestic relations and employment law.