September 22, 2011

NEU Co-op student Sean ReidIt might seem a bit odd for an undergraduate majoring in music to pursue a Co-op defined by legal briefs, intake forms and the occasional irate client but that’s exactly what Sean Reid is doing. Sean, a fifth-year Northeastern University student who is minoring in business and history, chose MetroWest Legal Services for his third and final Co-op. He became interested in pursuing a career in the legal field after taking a class on intellectual property law. This is Sean’s second Co-op assisting low-income people facing legal challenges; he previously worked with Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts of MA helping artists and others with legal-related issues.

Sean is a member of the Northeastern University Prelaw Society and is currently working on his thesis, which covers the development and future of intellectual property law in the digital age, through the Northeastern University Honors Program.

As he contemplates law school in the not too distant future, Sean reflects, “The experience I’ve gained at MetroWest Legal Services through the Co-op program has greatly influenced my career path. Ideally, I’d like to combine my love of music with my interest in the law. I can’t say for certain how I’ll build this foundation into a career, but I have plenty of time to work out that little issue.” 

Sean's position and all of our Northeastern University Co-op positions are funded from proceeds raised at our annual charity golf tournament held every year in May. 

If you are interested in sponsoring a NEU Co-op student position for the 2012 spring semester, please contact Janice Camp at or 508-620-1830 ext.247.