June 21, 2018

Several recent actions of the current Administration in Washington have caused great harm to immigrant families and children. From separating children from their parents to making it virtually impossible for victims of domestic abuse or gang violence to receive asylum on those grounds, these actions are cruel and inhumane and do not represent the morals and values of the United States.

These actions continue to increase the level of fear in the immigrant community. At MWLS we have received many calls from immigrant victims of abuse asking what the latest action of the Attorney General means for their asylum cases. We also know that children separated from their parents have already been moved off the border, and we fully expect some of those children will make their way up to Massachusetts. We have already begun preparing for this influx of now unaccompanied minors who will need our legal help.

MWLS embraces the immigrant community and is dedicated to providing quality legal assistance to those in the greatest need. MWLS is committed to providing this assistance in a welcoming and safe way. I think we can all support the fundamental tenets of due process, access to justice and a right to be treated humanely. MWLS will do all we can to advance these basic principles. 

How can you help?

There are several ways you can help these families:

  1. Support your local legal services office! The children separated from their parents at the border are going to be moved throughout the country. The local legal aid offices will be the ones on the ground providing legal services and they need your support. You can donate to MWLS by clicking here. To find your local legal services office click here.
  2. Contact your Senator and ask them to support Senate Bill 3036, The Keep Families Together Act. Simply call 202-224-3121 and the switchboard will connect you with your Senator’s office.
  3. Help Baby2Baby! Click here for the Target Registry to send essentials like diapers and wipes for immigrant children.

Thank you for your support of our work during this time of great uncertainty.  


Elizabeth A. Soulé, Esq.
Executive Director