November 21, 2016




Dear Friends, Colleagues and Supporters,

You may have seen the profile that the MetroWest Daily News published in today’s paper. The timing of the article is so important because we at MetroWest Legal Services have been talking about how the election is going to impact our clients. Will more of our clients be unable to access government benefits or affordable housing? Will we get even more calls about immigrants worried about their status or deportation?  There is so much uncertainty yet the fear in the voices of the callers in the many calls we have received over the past two weeks is palpable. 

We have also been asking ourselves, what more can we do? How are we going to help everyone who reaches out to us with legal issues they can’t handle by themselves? How many more people will we need to turn away?

If you have been asking yourself the same thing, what more can I do, there is more you can do. In the article I encourage people to get involved in their local legal services offices, whether it’s volunteering their time, providing financial support, or some combination of the two. With your help, we can continue advocating for even more people in need.

We have been fighting for our clients’ rights for 40 years, and we are committed to continue that fight no matter what the future brings.


Elizabeth Soulè
Executive Director