January 30, 2017

Recent Executive Orders have created chaos and uncertainty for everyone in our country, but particularly for immigrants and refugees. The staff, board and volunteers of MetroWest Legal Services are reiterating our commitment to provide legal advocacy to protect and advance the rights of immigrants, the poor, elderly, disabled and other disenfranchised people in our service area and to assist them in obtaining legal, social and economic justice. 

The last week has brought about great changes for our country and for those lawfully present, on the path to citizenship, or here having fled violence, persecution, and other horrific conditions.  The change can be described as extreme fear, anxiety, familial turmoil and the uncertainty of what is to come.  The pro-immigrant marches, protests, and demonstrations that have taken place in Boston and around the country and the world show that the United States and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are welcoming places for all people: no matter where they are from; what religion they practice; or the color of their skin. 

MetroWest Legal Services has always been and will continue to be a safe place for all people.  We will be working with our community partners to ensure that those in our community receive legal advice or representation to understand what their legal rights are and what steps they can take to remain in our community.  We will be mobilizing our staff and private attorneys in the area who will give of their time and knowledge to respond to this crisis.  

What can you do to help?

We need more resources, both financial support and time. 

  • Financial Support: You can give financial support by making a donation to MetroWest Legal Services today. Follow the link to make a donation which will enable us to assist more of those in our communities who are in crisis.   


  • Time: You can give of your time if you are an attorney who has immigration or family law experience or is willing to learn. We are in the process of creating an Immigration Clinic and a Special Immigrant Juvenile Pro Bono project. If you are interested in getting more information, including upcoming trainings, please email Jennifer Ollington at jollington@mwlegal.org

Elizabeth A Soulé
Executive Director