If you wish to apply for free legal advice and/or representation from MetroWest Legal Services, please fill out the following form. Due to high demand, we might not be able to take your case, even if you meet our eligibility requirements. Either way, someone from our office will get back to you.

Do NOT fill out this form if you know, or suspect, that MetroWest Legal Services may already be representing the opposing party in your case. In such a situation there may be a conflict of interest that could prevent us from assisting you. Call us at 508-620-1830  or 1-800-696-1501 to speak with one of our intake workers.

Do NOT fill out this form if you do not live in one of the cities or towns we serve. To find the legal services office that serves your community, go to:

Massachusetts Legal Resource Finder for legal services programs located in Massachusetts, or 

Legal Services Corporation  for legal services programs located outside of Massachusetts.


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