2016 Summer Legal Intern Positions

Description of program:

MWLS provides students with an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the civil legal problems of the poor. We have a staff of twelve attorneys, a number of whom have been engaged in poverty law practice for over 15 years. Our office is located in Framingham, near public transportation.

MWLS represents clients in many substantive areas of the law. Our priority areas include housing, homeless advocacy, government benefits (including unemployment), education, elder law, health care access, domestic violence, and immigration assistance for victims of abuse. For a detailed description of the types of cases we handle, see Our Programs.

Legal interns perform a wide variety of tasks depending on their interest and the needs of a particular project. These duties might include client interviews and case investigation, drafting of pleadings, memoranda and briefs, direct representation at administrative hearings, court representation (if the student is 3:03 certified) and legal research.